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Golden Tee 2008

Oh yes! I never realized it, but Golden Tee 2008 was just released last month. Yes, I know – it’s arcade Golf. But I love it none the less. Probably, because of thee simple reasons.

First, I love playing at Golf.
Second, I absolutely suck at Golf
Third, I am absolutely awesome at video game Golf.

There you have it. I suck in real life, but rule in the game. Very sad, but true.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a machine around here. Nor will there ever be, not even in a bar or pub where Golden Tee machines seem to turn up all the time. I have to actually drive five hours, just to play ANY arcade machine. Actually, that’s not true. There’s a Pac-Man cabinet in a restaurant two hours away. *SIGH*.

In then meantime until I can find one to play, I’ll dream of buying a Golden Tee or any one of the other dream arcade game machines from sites like Monkey Arcades. They’ve got some good stuff there, from classic arcade games, pinball machines and Jukeboxes to stuff I’ve never heard of but look pretty cool like Megatouch & JVL touchscreens and more!

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