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First off, for refrence:

penny arcade kickstarter

Anyways, here is the email I received today:

Hi Team,

This is dhanabalan sundaresan an indie writer and developer. I have planned to write and make novel to reveal the happenings between 2030 AD to 3000 AD. A starring character has been named “Happy Munga”. “Munga came from Multiple Talent, Ultimate Performance, Native Looking, Good Attitude, Assaulting”. The novel comprises 60 episodes spanning 30+ years over 1000 years from 2030 AD. A high quality game will also be released with each episode. The game will be playable in PCs, Consoles and Mobile gadgets. Progressive software used in the game will be released as open source. Time to complete and release all the episodes is 1000 days from mid of June 2012. Both novel and game may include several vfx.

Each episode will be priced between $50 to $70. For each episode a DVD is sent to the customer, they also get 120 days of online play time.

Until First episode is launched this package is not available.

To encourage customers and enthusiasts, I have come out with a great offer. For just $250, they get all 60 episodes delivered to their home. Plus, the license key code will be used for any version of the game. So they can play their game on any device, wherever, whenever. They also get 1120 days of online play time. The license key code will be despatched along with exciting miniature of Happy Munga character and other goodies.

Making of Munga will also be released under variety of flavours. All Making of Munga walk throughs entire demonstration of making of episodes, ideas, creativity, artwork and others clearly explained by the respected creators. People who gets any of the making of munga packages will be able to re create the entire episode on their own easily. The earnings on selling making of munga will be used to establish a great gaming and graphics incubator studio where aspiring producers, designers and game developers absolutely for free or less cost. So great gaming ahead.

Okay, Now inside the game and novel.

Each episode is framed to defeat atleast 4 villians and their subordinates.

You can defeat your opponents by directly fighting with weapons, beat them with tricks and most importantly weaponless fighting and more. This is not available in any of the game that is released as of now and will be.

You can switch to 2D and 3D version of the game before starting to play.

All episodes of novel and game are designed to be playable by all age groups including kids. I expect the game to be played by all in a home for more than 4 generations.

I dream about this novel since i started to read learnardo da vinci and nastardamus. I got an inspiration from them.

If happy munga is focused on your website, i will give a full page credit on my novel pages, games, softwares, website as advertising partner. I would like to make happy munga to be reached to atleast 10 Million people in the world. Happy Munga is created with an instinct to bring happiness, success, etc., to every home in the world. Atleast 0.1 Million would become developers after getting making of munga. Right now, I have no idea to spend in advertising. There may be more than 1500 spaces behind the story and game which will be auctioned later to the whole world for a better price to put more investment in incubation service. However, you may get one of the spaces for free if happy munga is focused with your site. Names, faces of villian characters will also be auctioned later.

Finished. I hope, i have explained in brief about my debut project.

Expecting your favorable reply as early as possible. Thank you


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