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How To Properly Sell A Copy Of Rock Star

rock band

Yup, that’ll do it.

Without a doubt, this auction manages to speak for itself. I have to admit, I was tempted to post the link to this auction, the pic and nothing more.

However, I will take some time to describe an auction that really doesn’t need one. We all know that by throwing a picture of a hot girl holding the item for sale into your auction, you can (and will) slightly boost its selling price.

Well, how about you include two hot girls? And a game that’s going to be relatively hard to find this Christmas? And the two girls are going to deliver the game to you on Christmas day? And said two girls are both softcore porn models?

Well then, now you’ve got something.

As much as I look forward to asking her to bang on my drums when it arrives, I can’t help but looking at that pic and worrying about receiving a box that has already been crushed.

(sorry – couldn’t resist)

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