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Hyperkin Retro N 3 System – Plays NES, SNES & Genesis

If you`ve never seen a new clone system like this, they`re basically reverse engineered hardware that is made legal due to the original console patents expiring. While there have been systems with two of the NES/SNES/Genesis combo before, this is the first system (I have noticed) with all three.

I expect we’ll see one that adds in the Famicom eventually too. Twenty years from now we’ll end up with massive Frankenboxes that will play cart and disc based games. I look forward to that day.

Anyways, retail on this guy is $69.99, which isn’t too bad considering what all three tested systems would set you back on eBay. Check out Hyperkin’s store here, or I would expect these to start showing up on eBay an in retro stores soon.

No word on the compatibility of the system yet, as some of these 3rd party consoles have issues with specific games.

GoNintendo Via Technabob


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