I Got 89 Problems But Chrono Cross Aint One

chrono cross psx ps1 89 copies of the PS1 GH Chrono Cross? Tempting. Last time I bought a lot like this it was 112 copies of Shockwave for NES –  a decision I still regret. Sealed PS1 games should have a much higher resale than horrible and obscure unlicensed NES games though.


Seller also has more sealed bulk lots. 65 copies of Final Fantasy 9, 61 of Final Fantasy 8 and more.


Fun With Shipping Costs (US $1,600,000.00 Flat rate for NON US).
Gamecube AM/FM Radio (Themed, not an accessory).
eBay seller ichirox has tons of standees, T-Shirts and available. My favorite is this Gamecube Launch Press Kit.
Overpriced (But AWESOME) Twisted Metal 2 Jacket and other promos.


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