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I Missed the Boat

I’m actually quite bummed…I was looking to feature this but kept getting sidetracked, so unfortunately this has already ended. The auction was for a Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time print ‘signed’ by Shigeru Miyamoto (though the seller states it is a preprinted autograph on the paper). Either on the reverse side or on a seperate sheet of paper(I can’t tell) is a letter from Nintendo likely explaining where this actually came from. The image on the auction is too small to read but I can make out part of the date, April 27th, which country it came from (Nintendo of America) and the guy who signed it’s first name (John). I’m pretty sure the first part says ‘Thank you for winning’as well. I have an item that sort of seems similar to this, a print of Custom Robo for the GameCube that was a limited edition given to the first 1000(?) people who registered their copy of the game in Canada. I’m assuming this is from something similar, or perhaps from a Nintendo Power contest? If anyone knows what this is from (or has one for that matter) I would love to hear about it! The auction ended for $122.50, though I imagine  it might have hit higher with more attention…there are some crazy Zelda fanatics out there.

Service Mario Metal Cutout Sign
Conker’s Bad Fur Day Stickers: With captions of “Help Conker stop the bullies. Use your yellow crayon.” and “Conker likes playing with Pooty and Mr. Dragon. Today, Pooty is not having very much fun.” I’ve no idea why, but I find these hilarious!
Mario Auto Sun Shade:Â I Need Assistance Please Call Police
Megaman Capcom Clock

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