Is A Sealed NES Castlevania Worth $55,000?

In theory, someone though so.

Like it or not, the fact remains that VGA graded games now fetch significantly more money than their regular counterparts. Not a small amount though, significant multiples of a normal price. Double, triple or even more what what have been considered a normal price.

Look at the game in question. The same buyer purchased heavy hitters like Castlevania Legends Gameboy for $12,500 and NES Mario 3 for $20,000. I would have once dismissed these as fake, but I`m starting to question that. The buyer has spent a lot of money as late, buying items all over the board in the $500 – $2000 range. Top end gaming collectibles, and several have been purchased from buyers who I know.

In the past 90 days there have been 21 VGA auctions that ended for greater than $10,000. That is insane. Several are obvious fakes, but there are a surprising amount of legitimate sales at this price range. One buyer alone spent over $30,00 in April on VGA games. Auctions which according to all sources were paid for.

This post doesn’t really have a point to be honest. Just I need to get off my chest I don`t understand where retro collecting is going.


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