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Star Trek Arcade Sega Quaker Oats Halfsies Prize Letter

While I would not personally pay the $199.99 the seller is asking for this (Or Best Offer), it’s a pretty unique item.

This is an incredibly rare, one of a kind, unique piece of memorabilia for fans of Star Trek, Sega and Quaker Oats. It is a letter dated March 1983 from the Vice President of Marketing and Sales of Sega Electronics to the winner of a full size Star Trek arcade game that was part of a contest for Quaker Oats’s Halfsies cereal. Included with the congratulatory letter are instructions for installing a very rare free play kit into the three Quaker Oats contest prize games (Star Trek, Super Zaxxon and Pengo). Also included is the also very rare preliminary owner’s manual for the the game (the manual was not finished at the time they shipped the game to the winner). These are not a photocopy or a reproduction or a disk or a PDF or any other kind of scam which seems to be popular with arcade manuals. This is the real deal.

If it was a good or popular game I could see this selling in a heartbeat, but as is I’m guessing it was more appeal to a Trekkie player than a Video Game or Arcade Collector.


Club Nintendo ” KIRBY no Flying Disc ” – A Kirby Frisbee. More proof that the overseas Club Nintendo prizes are way better than ours.

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