Large Zelda Statue

A very rare lifesize Zelda Link statue,also includes it’s own base,sword and shield. Size:Over 6 foot,approx 186cm including the base. Condition:A very small amount of paintwork needs to be touched up slightly(it’s so minor you probably won’t even notice,please take a look at the pictures I’ve posted). The statue has been in a shop window for over 3 years out of reach of the general public and has not been manhandled in any way. As a result, this highly sought after item is presented to you in excellent condition. I must point out there is a small 2 inch crack on the back of the shield(please see the last picture). This is a unique opportunity to own one of the finest Zelda collectables,and it rarely comes up for auction. Minimal assembly is required(head,legs,arms,shield & sword attach to zelda’s torso,then place onto the main base).

You can also check out pics from the original manufacturer here.

Auction is here. Not cheap at a $2,568.48 BIN and UK based with local pickup as well.

(Thanks James)


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