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Halo 3 Master Chief Adult Costume

Conventions usually are a nice place to let your inner nerd make the best out of you. Most people who’d cosplay would create their own amazing and somewhat unique costume.

In reality though, most of us aren’t that crafty. I would love to create a Mario suit and go to a furry convention with it but I wouldn’t have enough energy to do so. Thank’s to the internet though, people like me would always find a way to fit in somehow for just a few hundred bucks. Well.. more than a few hundred bucks.

Halloween is almost here and what perfect way to spend those dollar bills other than this mighty fine Halo 3 Master Chief Supreme Edition adult costume for $745 on sale at (thats not really cheap). It’s 35% off of the original price of $1,155. According to the product page, this is a “Quilted jumpsuit with EVA armor, two-piece deluxe helmet, gauntlets and boot tops.” This is also an officially licensed Halo 3 merchandise which is probably why its got such a steep price. But, if you buy 4 of them you get an extra $50 off the price (for each) costume. But it’s still really expensive.

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