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Link CD-i NFR and others

Link CDi Demonstration Not For Resale

Metal Gear Solid 4 Signed by Kojima and the acress who played Praying Mantis

Tales of Vesperia Special Edition Used

Dynastic Duo and Cotton for PCEngine – I think they just removed it. It had a bid of $504 so far. The problem with eBay’s new policy is that it forces people to list things with pre-filled information for games. If the seller doesn’t comply, the listing gets pulled eventhough the matching game in their system is significantly different (u.s. vs. japanese release).

Stadium Events

Stack Up (sealed) Nes – This was donated to the goodwill in san francisco. Crazy.



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Watch out for the Kirby Ice Cream truck starting tomorrow (NYC)

Kirby Mass Attack Ice Cream Truck