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Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Super Nintendo Pirate

Apparently this is a very, very bad hack of Speedy Gonzales with tons of glitches. Sonic’s get the snazzy new ability to kick, and for some reason needs to free Mario from cages.

Auction Here


Sonic The Hedgehog Custom Lego Minifig – Seller also has Mario, Luigi and a Call of Duty Ghost. Sonic is not cheap.

Rockman 10 Famicom Box – Not a legit box, but a manjuu snack from Japan. The box is modeled after the Famicom titles, and since Rockman 10 (Mega Man 10) was a digital-only release, this is pretty much the only box that represents the game with it’s official Japanese artwork. Plus you get six probally expired doughy snacks.

Gears of War 2 Developer T-shirt – This shirt was only handed out to the Developer team that worked on Gears of War 2. It has an epic black and gray print of two lancers inside the cogskull on the front, and in black on the back it says “DOW2 Dev.Squad Epic Games 08”.

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