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You may have noticed the ad for Magisterrex over there on the right. I’ve been meaning to write about them for a while now, as they’re one of the more unique online gaming stores I have come across in quite some time.

Why? The large selection of vintage PC games. While they have a good selection of console games as well, the real gems are in the classic computing section. DOS, Windows, Atari II, Atati ST, Amiga, TSR-80, TI-99 and more.

I’m actually considering picking up a few titles I was obsessed with in my youth, like Myst, Quake II, Red Baron and Syndicate Wars. The later quite possibly being the most epic game of all time, although having boxed copies of either on my shelf would be awesome.

Side note: Syndicate Wars intro.

Anyway, they also have a huge selection of retro board games and RPG materials.

Dan (the owner) even occasionally clears out items that don’t sell with his penny sales.

The store is definitely worth a look and right now there’s 15% off store-wide sale too.

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