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Mario Bros. Game & Watch Pokka Version

This is very, very little detailed information out there on this rare Game & Watch. It was used in promotions for the Pokka food company and apparently only 500 units were created – though it’s unknown if every single one was given away. The only way to get one was to collect a certain number of coupons and then bring them to a specific retailer. It is one of the rarest Game & Watches.

I honestly don’t know where to place this for pricing. I know back in 2007 someone was asking $850 for a private sale and they would sell on Yahoo! Japan for $600-$800. However, in the past year loose units have sold for under $100. I’m hoping someone will weigh in with a better valuation, or I will update when I hear back from a couple people I emailed.

Auction Here


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Update: Sold for $222.50.


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