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Nintendo Canada Cleans Warehouse – United Way To Benefit

warehouse nintendo Sealed video game collectors may have noticed some extremely interesting lots listed on eBay recently. NES, SNES and Game Boy are all covered, with such coveted sealed games like Little Sampson, Color A Dinosaur, Bubble Bobble 2, Dragon Warrior 4, Contra Force, Castlevania X, Final Fight Guy, Aero Fighters and more.

Given the high profile games and the zero feedback seller, a lot of sellers assumed this was a scam. The resourceful folks at NintendoAge have done a bit of sleuthing however, and confirmed this to be completely legit.

sealed bubble booble 2 nintendo nesHere’s an excerpt on a post made by the Nintendo Employee in charge of the sale:

“First off, the response these items have received is so far beyond our expectations, its incredible really.

To address to two most common points I’ve come across thus far here goes:

1. The ebay ID is completely new. Nintendo as a company obviously does not sell through ebay and we only set-up our ID to get rid of these titles. I fully expect to be contacted by ebay now that I see all the attention these are getting and we will work with all winning bidders to ensure they are completely comfortable throughout the entire transaction. As the auction states, we are completely fine with any local buyers coming to our head office to pick up the product directly once it has been paid for. Certified bank draft would be accepted but no personal cheques as we have to protect ourselves from fraud as well.

2. Each lot will have a list of all titles included (along with any specific details like broken seal, damaged corners etc.) Due to the volume of the games available this was just impossible for me to complete in a single day at work. I will enlist some help tomorrow to get this information updated ASAP.

sealed gameboy games I have tried to respond to all questions put forth through ebay, and will continue to do so there, as I believe the feature that allows me to post the Q&A for all to see is beneficial and could save me a lot of time over the next week.

Some of the more specific questions regarding Cdn. vs. US versions I will have to consult with some of our more tenured employees. I have only been with NOCL for two years and some of this stuff was slightly before my video game years. I will do my best to answer these questions, I just ask for your patience as I cannot provide this information myself. In all honesty a couple of colleagues at work and I did only about an hour of research on estimating a value for any type of ‘sealed’ NES & SNES games. We did our best to split up any rare or popular titles amongst the various lots. I apologize to everyone looking for various individual titles, but the amount of work it would cause us would just be unmanageable.

I’d like to thank burdger for inviting me to the forum to provide you with more information and all of you for all your interest. If an editor or someone from Nintendoage would like to contact me and thus provide a reference of legitimacy to the site on my behalf, I am willing to do this. My contact information was obviously required for registration, however the volume of email I have received through ebay alone already is simply daunting so I am hesitant to providing my work email here for everyone.

Thanks for your time everyone!”

Plus these few gems in other posts:

“NOCL is actually moving to a new location in Burnaby in June. We are in the process of cleaning and purging everything (including the warehouse). These items were not ‘found’ as per se, but rather ‘gone through’. They’ve been locked up in our Marketing cage in the warehouse obviously for quite some time.”

selaed super nintedo games“There will be a few more lots to come maybe next week… nothing for sealed product however. “

The NintendoAge staff have completely confirmed the authenticity of the auction, contacting them at the Nintendo offices to confirm everything is legitimate.

There’s a solid $20,00k+ of games there and with all the proceeds going to the United Way, it’s a great auction where everyone wins.

Link To All Auctions Here


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