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Mario is always watching you…even when you shower.

Yes, I get this seems like a poor choice of an item to make nowadays, but with products like this I always wonder–how could this ever be considered a good idea? There are only two ways I think they could’ve made this product more creepy: Mario straddling the the top of the ‘pipe’ and staring down at you, or Mario with his mouth wide open (as the nozzle) spewing forth his warm watery goodness, making sure you are protected from the scald. (Sold: $39.99)

Mario Phone: From the comments it apprears to be CIB w/ a crappy box (Sold: $65)
Earthworm Jim Joystick Stickers (Unsold: $4.99)
Sega City Game Token (Unsold: $4.95)
Uncut Sheet of the Ken Griffey Nintendo Card (Unsold: $7.99)

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