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MCA Cordially Invites You…

To me, this CD just screams peculiar. As the seller explains: The CD is noted as a NINTENDO SAMPLER™ and was used to promote a reception on May 22 1992. Distributed by MCA Records Canada Mario & Nintendo feature prominently on the front and back cover as well as the CD itself.
Who knows what this may have been made for…but with artists such as Wynonna Judd, Roy Orbison and Robbie Robertson how can you go wrong? …well, at least they have Tom Petty!

Sealed Cassette Boy Color
Izzy’s Quest E3 Flyer: Shows box art for the Sega 32x version which was never released.
Mario 64 Watch: I love lenticular things!

…on a side note, want something rediculously cheap that you probably won’t receive? This seller from Hong Kong has listed a number of auctions for Nintendo DS Lite Screen Protectors all starting at .01 with free shipping.

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