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Metal Gear Solid Premium Gold Edition

People in Japan seems to think that everyone has the money to buy their exclusive shit once they hit eBay like that dude selling the Xbox White – me and Link must have posted that about 3 or 4 times and he still have yet to sell it. Here we have a MGS Gold (priced just like gold) Premium Pack. Again, this is another investor only exclusive and its serialized. This is the same guy with the $80 worth of Peace Walker Mountain Dew 🙂

Some other stuff i found:

MGS3 Snake Eater Promo Tri-fold Folder – pretty cool.

MGS4 Guns of Patriots Slim Jewel Case Promo – also cool.

How come you never see any of this in the U.S. (except for the folder)? Am I right here? Maybe they’re doing it wrong. Americans (with Canada combined) probably account for most of the sale of the game anyways so why not spend the extra buck or two on some good promos or a really nice Limited Edition set. Just ranting.. At least we get signed stuff.. alot.. like these..

Halo 3 Legendary Edition Signed by Bungie. – Sold for $231 and another one for $121 (this was probably a BIN listing). This ones cool but only ended at $15 (he should have waited for the second game, whenever that may be). I’m surprised that people aren’t selling their signed Metal Gear stuff from both signings in the U.S.

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