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More DS Promo Carts

These seem to be a hot commodity these days and are fetching pretty decent prices. eBay seller putermcgee has currently has five available:


nintendo ds meteos demo

Kirby Canvas Curse

nintendo ds kirby canvas curse demo
Pac Pix

nintendo ds pac pix demo

Wario Ware Touched (European)

nintendo ds demo wario ware touched

And lastly, the Nintendogs Download/Relay Version.

This seems to one of the more common demos that show up.

nindeno ds nintendogs bark mode demo

This is a kiosk promo found in store displays and during the Halloween holiday people could come into the store and set their Nintendogs game to “Bark Mode” to receive a special gift for their dog!

The seller says that this cart was never used, so the counter on the ‘game’ is still zero. For some reason, I remember another auction stating that the first person to link up received a one time special gift that was only available to the first person. I can’t seem to confirm that however.


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