Neo Geo Chibi Maruko-chan Maruko Deluxe Quiz

Neo Geo collectors have my deep, deep respect.

The reason? There are so many extremly rare releases which cost thousands of dollars, and many of the common but popular titles can cost you several hundred.

A lot of people consider it to be the Rollys Royce of video game collecting, and you need to have a hefty bankroll to participate.

Just look at the sales data for the last thirty days on eBay. Total Neo Geo sales of $85,419.00 over 1,909 auctions. Four games sold for over $1,000 (Turf Masters / Big Tournament Golf, Double Dragon Euro English, Blazing Star Japanese and Garou Mark of the Wolves) and there were thirty sales over $500.00.

Plus, then you have massive issues with fake games and conversions. One serious collector I know has told me:

It dosen`t matter careful you. Odd are that one of those $1000 games on my shelf is really just a $15 forgery. Somewhere, a guy with a soldering iron is getting rich.

Anyways, onto this game.

Maruko Deluxe Quiz is quite notorious cartridge. It`s an obscure japanese quiz game that was released in exceptionally small numbers. The result is one of the more valuable Neo Geo games. There’s no English text option so unless you understand Japanese the whole game will be totally lost on you. The game itself is supposed to be pretty decent.
Chibi Maruko-chan started as a manga series, which was followed by two anime series and a live action version. The series depicts the simple, everyday life of a little girl nicknamed Maruko and her family in suburban Japan.

I can`t find any sales figures for the past couple of years, so it will be interesting to see where this ends. It`s easily worth $1,800.00 – $2,000.00 in the past though.

Auction Here – Currently 1 BID at $3,499.99. The seller has sold a lot of Neo Geo titles as of late, including several higher priced ones – all which have garnered positive feedback.


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