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Gears of War Media Demo/Debug Version

I feel hesitant to post this auction because of the fact that the seller is from Hong Kong. It also doesn’t help the fact that the game will only run on a debug Xbox 360 – so chances are if this is a fake, someone can take home a really expensive or cheap coaster. Ask the seller questions if you must before buying. Provenance, provenance, provenance..

With that said, the seller states:

It is an official Gears of War Beta/Alpha/Prototype “Silver” disc with a debug function. Ultra Rare Item!!!


Note that it is a silver disc and manufactured by TC CA as shown in photo. It is used but in good condition. It only works for debug xbox360 machine. Don’t put it in retail xbox360. (I don’t know what will happen if you do this)

What is special to this content?

There are several debug functions you can use. E.g. Change the camera setting to first person shooting.

Link to auction

One of our forum members posted a similar disc but listed on ebay uk. I wonder if it was taken down though..

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