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Neo Geo Pocket Color Store Display

This is a sweet display and one which I haven’t seen show up much.

This is an auction for a VERY RARE item. This is a Neo Geo Pocket Color UNUSED store display. This item was shipped to the store I used to work at and it was never put up. It stayed in the box the whole time. This 16-bit system was released near the end of 1999 in North America by SNK and by the end of 2000, it was gone from the shelves making this system one of the shortest running systems in video game history. Also, there were less than 30 games released for this system. This display comes with 2 different Neo Geo Pocket Color systems attached to a huge blue metal mounting bracket. They are fixed to the unit and can not be removed. The display also comes with 2 games ALREADY INSTALLED. You get Sonic and SNK vs. Capcom. These games CAN NOT BE REMOVED. They were pre-installed at SNK.

This very rare and very unique item has only been touched by me to take these photos. They have not been in contact with any public. Most of these displays that get put up in stores usually end up being abused and destroyed. This one is PERFECT. The systems are 100% perfect the blue paint on the bracket is perfect and glossy. I did plug both systems in to check and they work perfectly. Also in the auction you will get 2 A/C adapters that was sent with the system to plug each one of them in. Both A/C’s are in their original box and baggies. You will also get the mounting bolts/screws to attach this display to a shelf. These screws are still sealed in the baggie also. Also included in this auction is the letter that was sent with this display from SNK about installing it.

Auction Here

Also, I haven’t cleaned out my watch list in quite some time and it’s become quite littered. There is some goodies and some crap in here, so make sure you do your research.

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