NES Hands Free, Complete Percepts, Nintendo Radio ADs

In 1989 Nintendo released an uncommon controller for the Entertainment System. The name, Hands Free, menat that anyone could play without the use of hands. Special needs players, thanks to Nintendo, were able to enjoy the NES like anyone else, except for the Zapper games. Use your mouth, move your head and blow air inside a tube.
Now, since you could only buy this controller trough mail order, finding an Hands Free is pretty tough.

This one is even sealed.

But the same seller has another funny item!

This cassette tape has 2 Nintendo Radio ads on it. The Nintendo Part Number is 31352 and it’s dated 12-06-95. Back in the day, when the toaster systems all started going bad, Nintendo came up with a plan to help out the customers. You could bring in a none working NES and $15.00, the service center would then give you a new system in exchange. You’d get an instant swap instead of dropping your system off and waiting days for a repair.

Here’s a link to the auctions:

Magnavox Odyssey Game PERCEPTS complete with Box

Rarest game published for the first home console. Just one of the wery few complete sets known. Mail order only.

Relisted Rock N’ Roll Racing Original Artwork

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Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.

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