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New Jaguar CD Homebrew and Geist Force

Back in 93/94 I was enthralled with the Atari Jaguar.  As I thumbed through a four page spread in GameFan Magazine, I dreamed about accurate arcade translations and some innovative titles that took advantage of the sprite engine and huge game controller of Atari’s renaissance hardware.  Seventeen years after the dream ended some talented people are showing the machine still has lots of life.

Homebrew team Reboot recently announced on their Facebook page that their tribute to Jetpac, Full Circle: Rocketeer, is about 99% complete.  A definite throwback to the 1980s, Full Circle: Rocketeer has you racing around a single screen play field blasting at different enemy types as you build and fuel a small rocket at the bottom of the screen.  If you’re a big Atari collector head over to Retro Collect to see the demo video and game features.


The Pluto isn’t the only rare Sega item to come out of Assembler.  For those who may not remember, about two years ago a former Sega employee sold a beta copy of Geist Force to a group of Assembler members.  These guys then worked tirelessly to get the beta up and running on a production Dreamcast.  During the process, the guys needed new equipment to get it running so offered a professionally produced copy of the game to any members who contributed money to the effort.  Those copies were finally distributed in mid 2012 with few of them making it to any auction site.  I’ve only seen two up for sale with the second one up on Ebay right now.  It may be a bit expensive, but for any collector who missed out on the Assembler crowd source and doesn’t know how to burn game files this is a perfect piece to flesh out a collection.


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