NiGHTS Into Dreams One of a Kind Lenticular Poster

This looks pretty awesome. Photos don’t do these types of posters justice, but the seller has also included a video. Here’s what he has to say:

I bought this from a seller on eBay a few years ago who was selling off a ton of his very rare and some one-of-a-kind video game collectibles but I have decided to sell this off as it has just been sitting stored away in my closet since I got it so I want it to go to a serious NiGHTS/Sega collector. This was the prototype used to create other lenticular posters like this one, but this was the original and first created (according to the seller I bought from). Used only in game stores in the late 90’s to promote the game. As you can see in one of my photos this was created on 11/24/1997.

Please be aware that when I took the photographs I used a backlight to illuminate the poster from behind to give you the best possible image quality. The term Lenticular refers to two alternating images when viewed from different angles which also has a 3D depth effect as well, creating amazing image unlike anything else. I tried my best to capture the progression of the two images using my camera as it is impossible to show the entirety of each image at once. One image says “Prepare to Fly” while NiGHTS flys over a grassy field and the other has NiGHTS flying over the cityscape with the NiGHTS logo.

Auction Here. Check out the sellers other items as well, they have a ton of cool Sega and Nintendo plush and more. I like this ancient looking 1991 Sonic Plush.

(Thanks DK!)

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