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Nintendo Display Video Compact Flash Card

This is pretty cool and something I`ve never seen before.

From the seller:

Back in August of 2009 I acquired a Compact Flash card that Nintendo uses in their video kiosk displays. Eventually I sold the card for something like $40.00 I believe. That one had random promo videos of Nintendo’s releases during that time frame.

Well I have another one (a different card) that I just acquired and I want to cut to the chase and offer it for quick sale.

Anyway, this is a CF card that Nintendo uses along with a cheapy little CF card reader in some of its store displays (the ones that just loop game videos over and over again). Nothing special about it other than the label marking it as a Nintendo display part, in this case #73325 for Mario’s 25th anniversary.

As with most Nintendo display things, they are expected to be retained by the vendors and sent back to Nintendo. I’m assuming that these cards are recovered, sent back to Nintendo, eventually have the video file changed out, are restickered and then sent back out to vendors for store insertion.

The video contained is a truncated and reworked version of the Super Mario 25th Anniversary video that shows quick glimpses of gameplay from the games that Nintendo considered part of the advertised timeline. It’s the video that you probably saw playing when you tried to buy a copy of Wii Super Mario All Stars only to have it be sold out. Again, the video on the card is much more to the point and shows shorter videos of each game without the title breakup in between each. (Also no “the gameplay is the Japanese versions” thing at the bottom) Instead of the video stopping to introduce each game, the titles are instead shown as the gameplay footage runs.

Anyway, it’s a super high quality 78.7MB MPEG-2 file titled “Mario25thAnniversary.mpg.” It’s interesting in that the video has red bars along the left and right sides to try to have it better blend in with the display signing, since the TVs it was run on are widescreen and of course the classic games shown in the beginning are not. The little plastic case for it is included as well.

Link (DigitPress Sales Thread, Registration May Be Required)


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