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Nintendo Game & Watch Factory Shipping Boxes

eBay seller devster04 has eleven Game & Watch Factory Shipping Boxes up for sale at the moment. They`re not Factory Sealed boxes, just the boxes which have had the games removed. These would have held ten games when shipped from the factory. I honestly have no idea what these will go for, but do know they they don`t show up all too often.

[phpbay]Game Watch Shipping Box, 15, “”, “”[/phpbay]

More Factory Shipping Boxes:

Nintendo Game Boy Donkey Kong 3 – If memory serves me right, there was a warehouse find of these. Still for $99.00 OBO, it`s not a bad deal.
Final Fantasy Anthology Playstation 1 – Think I may have featured this before. It *might* sell eventually at this price, but it`s a bit too high to sell quickly.
Japanese Sega Mega Drive Modem
Atari 2600 Star Wars: ESB Shipping Box – $10.00 with no bids.
Sketchy Game Shipping box for the Odyssey 1
SNES Metal Combat – I debated over grabbing this one or sharing, since I think $100 is a decent price – even for a crappy game.
NES Win Lose Or Draw – $100 BIN. Again, I considered grabbing this. Anything under $100 is not a bad price for a shipping case in my opinion, even if the game is pretty cheap when selling sealed on its own.
Grand Theft Auto IV Safety Deposit Box – This one is truly unique. You are looking at a sealed case of 8 Grand Theft Auto Safe Deposit Boxes, these cases are direct from Rockstar and unopened and you will receive them as such. These were sent directly from the manufacturer to the distribution company that assembled the Collector’s Edition sets of GTAIV. The general public had no ability to get sealed cases, but now you can add this once in a lifetime rarity to your collection! Price seems reasonable.
Kirby’s Adventure NES (Canadian French) – Super common, but sitting at $12.00.
Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22 PS1
Magnavox Odyssey 2 Six Games With Shipping Box – Expensive, not sealed, rough shape but pretty sweet.


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