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Limited Edition 2nd Anniversary Pure White XBOX

On February 22, 2004, a Pure White Limited Xbox Console was released in Japan, to commemorate the console’s two-year anniversary in that country. The system had a limited manufacturing run of 1,000 units and allowed purchasers to personalize their console with up to twenty letters (Japanese characters not allowed) engraved on the case. The words “Limited Edition 2004” were also carved into the jewel of the console, and into the exclusive Controller S (right below the Xbox name). It was only available for purchase online at the Official Xbox Japan website between the dates of January 30 and February 6, 2004. Included with the Pure White console was a matching Controller S, a DVD Playback Kit, and an Xbox Live Starter Kit with a free one-year membership and voice communicator

There are currently two others on eBay, and this one is $200 – $1200 cheaper. A used one recently went for $950 so, the asking price is arguably fair.



Laura Croft PS1 Memory Card
– Been awhile since I`ve seen one of these. This one is so overpriced it`s not funny though.
Eliza Dushku’s Signed/Personalized WET Game – I think I already mentioned the guitar from the same seller. I surprised this has broke $100.00 already.


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