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Guess What Popped Up ON Ebay Just In Time For Halo Wars 2 Release

An incredibly rare Halo Master Chief Helmet was recently listed for sale on Ebay. Before you criticize me for calling this rare, only 2 of these official helmets were ever made. What makes this Halo Helmet even more valuable is the fact that it was signed by executives, engineers, designers, and other members of the development team who helped create and develop the post-Bungie Halo series.

The timing for this Halo 5 Helmets listing could not be better as Halo 2 Wars just released two days ago (Tuesday, February 21). As a result, many gamers who collect Halo related merchandise and memorabilia will be looking for new items to add to their collection.

5 Retro Hunters Know About the Halo Master Chief Helmet – Why Don’t You??

halo master chief helmet

This helmet was previously owned by Kevin La Chapelle, a leader at Microsoft who helped developed the Halo 5 game. The helmet is currently listed for sale at $2,995.00 or best offer with 5 Ebayers watching it. If you have enough cash to snag this amazingly rare collectible Halo Master Chief Helmet, you should go for it.

In addition to the helmet, your purchase of this item will also include the original signed box that the helmet came in. If this rarity is calling your name, get it while you still can! You will likely never see this signed Halo Helmet for sale again!

Complete Your Halo Collection To Celebrate Halo Wars 2

In a similar vein, Microsoft sold a Master Chief helmet that had been bedazzled back in 2015. However, the bedazzled helmet was created and sold for a special charity auction. The helmet was covered in Swarovski Crystals… 25,000 crystals to be exact.

Halo 5 Helmets
Source: IGN

So, what does a crystal-encrusted helmet weigh? Nearly 11 lbs! This glorious helmet sold for a whopping $34,3000.00. Money raised from this auction was donated to the Make A Wish Foundation.

“You will likely never see this signed Halo Helmet for sale again!”

343 Industries houses a Halo museum that contains a wide variety of Halo merch. 343 Industries is the developing company behind Halo (which also happens to be owned by Microsoft). At the museum, you will find all the Halo memorabilia and merchandise you could ever want to lay eyes on.

They have got it all; from life-sized Halo figures, to books, small Halo action figures, posters, apparel, and more. Sadly, the museum is not open to the public. However, you can find some awesome photos of the museum circulating around the internet.

halo museum
Source: Games Radar

Even more awesome and rare Halo merch to add to your collection:

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