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Special Edition Mass Effect 2 XBOX 360

The Bioware Bazaar was a promo recently held by Bioware . It consisted of a ton of online auctions that used tokens, which were awarded by completing various challenges. Up for grabs were the usual games and t-shirts, but also some limited edition items such as autographed books and lithographs. In addition to this one of a kind console, there were a few and a few unique computers.

The system features N7 branding, similar to the collectors edition of the Mass Effect 2 game packaging. I actually have Mass Effect sitting on my shelf waiting to be played (still, god my backlog is huge), so I had to Wiki to figure out what significance it has.

N7 is a vocational code in the Systems Alliance military. The ‘N’ designates special forces and the ‘7’ refers to the highest level of proficiency. It applies to marines who have graduated from an elite training program. Both David Anderson and Commander Shepard are classified as N7; Anderson was one of the first graduates. Shepard being the main character in the game.

Very nice job by the looks of it, although the pictures probably don’t do it justice.


If that`s not up your alley (or maybe it`s too expensive) than how about an artistically Microwaved PS3? Guaranteed Professionally Microwaved. How someone professionally Microwaves is beyond me. Do you take a class? Apparently this guy also appeared on tons of gaming and gadget blogs back last year when it created, so it`s famous too.


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Boxed Gameboy Light – The system, not the accessory. This is a rare handheld released only in Japan. It`s an original Game Boy system, with a greeny blue backlight, allowing you to play your games in the dark.
NES Nintendo Smart Boy Cartridge – Check here or here for our previous dedicated articles to Smart Boy Cartridges.
NES Test Cartridges – Mentioned before, but ending today.
Nintendo Playchoice 10 Marquees – Captain Skyhawk (which is oddly the most expensive), Baseball Starts, TMNT and Tecmo Bowl.

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