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    Special Edition Mass Effect 2 XBOX 360

    The Bioware Bazaar was a promo recently held by Bioware . It consisted of a ton of online auctions that used tokens, which were awarded by completing various challenges. Up for grabs were the usual games and t-shirts, but also some limited edition items such as autographed books and lithographs. In addition to this one […] More

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    BioShock Adam Extractor Syringe

    Pretty nifty handmade replica. Here is an Adam Extractor I made from different materials including but not limited to, a Vintage Brass Gas Pump Nozzle, Steel, Glass, Plastic, Rubber, Aluminium, and ADAM “not really, its petroleum jelly that has been tinted”. It is not a toy to be played with but an item to display. […] More

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    The Dark Knight – Limited Edition XBOX 360

    If you’re thinking of picking one of these up at some point, now is the time to do so. Currently, there is a whopping ten of these on eBay. Since there’s only a limited market in people who will want this for collectors sake, having ten up at one time should keep the prices a […] More

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    Signed Call Of Duty 4 Poster

    I would love to buy this Call of Duty 4: Mordern Warfare poster autographed by ALL the developers at Infinity Ward. It’s one of my favorites games of the past few years and would look awesome matted and framed. However, I think the sell has his hopes set a little high with the starting bid. […] More