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XBOX 360 The Beatles Rock Band LE Contest System

Nicola mentioned this yesterday, but I wanted to look at it a little more. When the first one of these was sold in 2009, it ended at $17,300.00. The new auction references this price point and I can confirm it. At least one other has been listed since then, it was a high priced BIN OBO and from what I remember, it never sold.

We had this one listed as having at least six available based on the original contest page but the auction references this as being 4/50. It’s great to have some new and presumably correct info.

This thing with this auction though, it that it has much more appeal to high end Beatles collectors than 360 ones. To see that kind of price again, it needs to get some attention in the Beatlemania circles. It certainly didn’t hurt last time either that it was covered by nearly every mainstream gaming blog.

Some proceeds of this one are going to charity. I will donate $1,500 of the proceeds of this sale to this worthy charity, plus any amount raised over $10,000 (for example, if bidding reaches $11,500 then I’ll donate $3,000 in total).

Auction Here

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