Nintendo M9 Store Display Variant

The first one of these we featured was back in March of 2010. I don’t have the final price archieved, but I believe it was somewhere around $4,000.00 with a second one selling later that year for $3,650.00. I believe these had the outer box as well.

The Nintendo M9 itself is a lighted hardware display. It features all components of Nintendo Deluxe Set (ROB, Lightgun, Duckhunt, Gyromite, Console and other hardware) in an awesome plexiglass case. According to information in the Nintendo Merchandisers Manual it utilizes non-working (dummy) product and had an origional price of $150.00. Apparently, it also says that the M9 displays in the field were to be “reworked” in Jan 1988, to remove ROB the Robot. At one point you could also get an M9A, a “Pedestal” for for the M9 display.

This one actually differs from the existing ones and has differnt markings. Meaning it could be some sort of later or alternative version.

From the auction:

This piece is near identical to the M9 display except for the core materials. The materials of this display are a yellow vacuum formed plastic base and cardboard construction along with the same plexiglass view port from the front. This is a much more fragile version of the display and as such not many have survived, in fact I only know of one other collector who has one and is missing several pieces. From my research I believe this display was used to advertise the Nintendo NES system in lower traffic stores, hints the lack of sheet metal the more heavy duty materials the M9 has. I do not have the original part number for this however there is a serial code that can be seen in the pictures. Considering its form and function I believe this to also go under the M9 number, but this is unconfirmed, If you have more information please let me know! Now on to the specifics:

CONDITION: Overall I would say that this piece is in good condition considering its extremely fragile nature. This piece was 100% intended to be displayed and thrown away, not moved around and stored in multiple collections as it has been for the past 25 years. The major damage of note: First and foremost, the rear artwork has been removed, not by myself but at some point in time it had fallen/taken out. I suspect that this un-reinforced cardboard had begun to warp with time and the glue holding the sides to the plexiglass was no longer adequte and as such it was removed, delicately. The cardboard is fully intact, there are four right angle folds all of which are present. The bowing is minor but present and staining can be seen on the back white side. Next, the yellow base has cracking in two places, the corners, surprise surprise the most prone place for damage. The cracking on the front right corner is more minor then the left side as it had held together and not missing any chips. The left side however has cracked a piece off. Please see both pictures to see what I am talking about. The bottom side of the display has two cardboard covers that must be used to conceal the wires from the controllers I presume. The left one can be seen in the photo. The Front label with the Nintendo logo is in overall excellent condition with only two chips, the white triangular chip shown in the picture and a smaller sliver to the right of it. These chips do not propagate further then what is shown what so ever. Last but not least, there is a crack in the plexiglass on the left side of the unit near the mounting screws that hold the plexiglass to the base and there is a piece of plexiglass missing on the right side. Please see the pictures once again. On a good note, everything on the inside is undamaged and untampered with! including the carts with the neat for display only labels.

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