Nintendo NES Counter Tester

I posted the SNES Tester from the same seller, but just noticed he had the NES version as well, along with Test Carts and more.

After the SNES and NES were no longer a competing force in the video game market, Nintendo decided to scale back a bit from their original Nintendo Test Station design and came out with this sleeker upgraded model to test all the NES products people might bring in to a center for servicing. Any businesses that joined on with Nintendo’s Service program after a certain time (circa 2001) were given the consolidated test items (this unit and a Control Deck Cartridge for the NES). The unit itself uses a simple pass/fail detect (if the light turns green it passes, if the light turns red it fails) to test audio/video cords, RF adapters and  AC adaptors. These tests do not require the counter tester to be plugged into a TV to function though one is required to test the functionality of the NES, games and any controllers.

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