Pepsi Playstation 1 Store Display Kiosk

Ending shortly is this Pepsi Playstation 1 Store Display Kiosk. I believe Nicola may have mentioned this when it listed, but he forgot to mention that it’s the second one available recently.

The last one sold for $150.00 with the screen, so I guess that $100 starting bid of this is is sort of reasonable, but personally I feel being complete adds more than $50.00 of value. Bottom line is it’s a cool item for a PS1 collector and not a bad price for something you would normally be hard pressed to find.


Sony Playstation Pepsi Store Display Kiosk



Gamecube Dolphin NPDP-GDEV – Bonus high priced french auction with single crappy pic.

Japan Club Nintendo Gold Mario Statue – I believe these were bonus items to yearly Club Nintendo subscribers at Gold or Platnium level. No idea what year though. These are normally listed for double the price on this one at BIN only, so I figured it was worth a mention.

DK Jungle Climber Nintendo DS NFR Cart – $40.00 BIN

DK Jungle Climber Nintendo DS – $5.50 BID. Bonus points for taking photos of the cart resting on a DS Demo Kiosk.


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