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NES Nintendo Konami Laserscope Headset

Alright, it`s time to clear out my watch list, so expect a slew of posts today.

The Konami LaserScope is a head-mounted light gun with a microphone and a crosshair that covered one eye (pirate style). It`s an officially licensed product that was available for the Famicom as well.

Released in 1990, The LaserScope was manufactured specifically for one Konami game, Laser Invasion. Apparently it also included a $5.00 coupon for the LaserScope. Not surprisingly, it didn`t become much of a success.

With the controller on your head, all you need to do is shout “fire!” into the microphone to fire a shot at the screen, while aiming with the headset’s crosshair. It also has built-in headphones that a person would connect to the NES audio port for the video game sounds. It should work with any Lightgun compatible games.

It`s not exactly rare (although not easy to find in nice and complete condition), but I figured anyone who posts this picture on themselves in an auction deserves a plug.

NES Nintendo Konami Laserscope Headset



Sega Dreamcast Dev Box hkt-01 – Iffy picture and low feedback too.

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