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Nintendo NES M9 Display

Yes, Nicola mentioned this already. No, I don’t care. This is officially my favorite auction so far this year and in my opinion, way more awesome than the Sealed Stadium Event (please avoid massive comment flaming of that statement).

The Nintendo M9 is a lighted hardware display. It features all components of Nintendo Deluxe Set (ROB, Lightgun, Duckhunt, Gyromite, Console and other hardware) in an awesome plexiglass case. According to information via bunnyboy and his Nintendo Merchandisers Manual it utilizes non-working (dummy) product and had an origional price of $150.00. Apparently, it also says that the M9 displays in the field were to be “reworked” in Jan 1988, to remove ROB the Robot. At one point you could also get an M9A, a “Pedestal” for for the M9 display.

If you want to be truly jealous, check out the last picture. It’s a shot of NA Forum member Bitrate’s collection.

Anyways, link for the auction is below. This guy should break $2,000.00+ easily.



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