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Nintendo NES Zelda, Mario & Punch Out Trophy / Trophies

I should have probably looked at the Fun Club sellers other items before that last post, as they have a ton of great stuff. Including, what is the largest selection of Nintendo Trophies I have seen to date.

Originally released by Hasbro, these 4″ plastic figures originally sold for $1.99 each. On the base is a sticker where you can put your name, the high score and the date you achieved the score. A replacement sticker also came in the box should you beat your own record.

I can’t find a complete list of which ones were available, so I’m including a ton of pictures to help achieve these.

Blooper Chases Mario
Mario Runs From Bullet Bill
Mario Kicks A Hammer Bros. (and looks Evil)
Mario Stomps Goombas
Mario Hurls A Fireball
Bowser Guards Princess
Punch Out Mac Catches Tiger
Punch Out Bald Bill VS. Mac
Mac Jabs Glass Jaw Joe
Mac KOs Piston Honda
Mac Levels King Hippo
A Trap Attacks Link
Gibdo Attacks Link
Link Boomerangs A Ghooma
A Keese Descends On Link
Link Fights The Head Of Gleeok

While we’re on the Trophies, you could also pick up a Proof Sheet from one of the Zelda figures, or a Mock Up of part of the box. The former has been listed for AGES with no interest, while I think the second may be newer (and cheaper).

Trophy Seller also has some nice merchandise:

Zelda Cup – This and the plate are the ones another seller kept listing for $20,000 or something equally insane awhile back. A little more reasonably priced with this auction.
Zelda Plate
Mario & Luigi Placemat
NES Wall Trim
Vintage Mario Nintendo Birthday Supplies
Nintendo Power Issue #1
Mario & Luigi Pins
Full Set NES SNK Stickers – Another item I haven’t seen. Pretty cool.

Also, seller Retro Game City has a bunch of Super Famicom games (lackluster titles) ending soon, and most of them are still at $0.99.

And most importantly:

Mario / Nicola Doll -This should come as no surprise to long time gameSniped readers, but this vintage Mario doll bears an uncanny resemblance to some pictures of our resident human search engine, Nicola.


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