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NTF2 Test Cartridge

The NTF2 Test Cartridge was meant to be used by Authorized Service Centers in conjunction with the Nintendo Test Station in order to test the system for faults. While the majority of NES test carts have paper labels, these tend to have a semi-gloss finish that is similar (but not as high grade) to licensed games. This one looks to be in great shape, especially considering that many of these have holes drilled through them as they were often attached directly to a Test Station via a chain. It is the only NES test cart that comes exclusively in gray. As far as what is on the cartridge, there are two different versions: one can be seen in action here, while the other begins with an options menu and has different tests altogether. Prices of these have been all over the place in the past year as I have seen record highs for this cart as well as record lows.

As another fun little factoid, this looks to be coming straight from a former Service Center, as there was one by the name of Gruss Electronic Repair based out of Johnstown PA. They’ve been slowly selling their test carts and I believe this is the 3rd or 4th they have listed on ebay so far.

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