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Nintendo Trophies and Some Wall Displays

Usually these Nintendo trophy Figures are considered uncommon at best, but this auction is for a full set which is practically unheard of! The trophies depict scenes from three of Nintendo’s most popular franchises of the time: Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda and Punch-out!! There is one figure on the box checklists that does not appear in this auction (Link battles Zola), but the general consensus is that this trophy does not exist…and I tend to agree with that since noone has ever heard of one being found. It would be awesome to be proven wrong on this though! It’s in merch items like this that you can see, even from early on, that there was no love for poor Luigi… (Unsold: $305)

Zelda Ocarina of Time Kite: I remember seeing these for sale at Toys R Us when I worked there. (Sold: $47)

DK Magnet-I was depressed that noone has placed a Diddy Kong Service Magnet up for sale in so long that I decided to start one. Now there is one of all three magnets currently available on ebay at the moment–complete your set today! (Sold: 10.59)

Super Mario World 2 – Yoshi’s Island VHSÂ (Sold: $10)

-This seller has a ton of Nintendo Character Wall Displays that are used in stores like GameStop, FYE and Toys R Us. They look to be unused as well!


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