Nintendo Wii U Development Kit CAT-DEV Version 2 DRC-DK1

Is this the first Wii U Devkit to be sold?

This comes in 3 boxes. Contents:

Box 1:

Nintendo Wii U CAT-DEV-V2W Development Unit (CAT-DEV Ver2) (appears to be in very good shape. Shows slight signs of use)

Box 2:

Nintendo Wii U controller DRC-DK1 (shows signs of use)
Switching power supply and adapter
Small circuit board with micro USB connection
Micro USB to USB cable
Foxconn DK1 wire cable
Bag of 4 screws and 4 nuts marked 060-0001-2977 and 060-0001-2978

Box 3:

Sinpro Switching Power Supply for CAT-DEV
White Wii controller new in foam packaging
Wii motion plus new in package
Black Wii Classic Controller (shows signs of use)
Classic controller adapter
Serial cable male to female
HDMI cable
AV Cable
USB cable to connect CAT-DEV to computer
Wii sensor bar new in foam packaging and mount piece
Cable for Wii U remote to hook to CAT-DEV

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