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E3 DS and some Nintendo Nostalgia

Nintendo World Exclusive DS Engraved E3 -Â This DS was custom etched for the E3 event in NY in 2006 (5/9/2006) by Nintendo World. Â This was limited to 100 pieces but it is not numbered. (Unsold: $9.99)

Stylish!Some very stylish Vintage Nintendo Stickers – I’ve never seen these particular ones before, but they sure are nifty. (Sold: $16)

 This seller has some Nintendo Cereal Animation Cells; they’re a fun addition to have in your game room framed and hung on the wall.  He also has  a nice Pac-Man Cel up as well.

Two different Nintendo Power Pins here (Sold: $5.50) and here (Sold: $3.25).

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