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Assassins Creed Revelations Giclée Print, Signed Borderlands Claptrap Poster

There’s nothing like a piece of fine art to class up a joint; but who would think that videogames would make for great fine art?

Today I have two such examples of videogame-related fine art.

The first is a giclée print based on the Assassins Creed: Revelations game. The print features old Ezio (the game’s protagonist) as he appears in the game. Ubisoft (the game’s publisher) actually licensed this print and did a limited run of a mere 60 total prints. Each print is hand numbered too.

Next up is a screen printed poster of Claptrap, the iconic robot mascot from the Borderlands videogame series. A total of 250 of these posters were made. What makes these posters extra special though, is that each one has been hand signed by the poster’s designer and five key members of the Borderlands development team (including David Eddings, the voice of Claptrap!) Each poster has been hand numbered as well.

OK, so maybe you’d be hard pressed to convince your local museum curator that videogame art is fine art (heck, you’d probably even have a hard time convincing your significant other to let you hang these pieces up in your home) – but they’re nevertheless quite awesome in my opinion. If you’re a fan of either Assassins Creed or Borderlands, these fine art pieces might be right up your alley.

The Assassins Creed Revelations giclée can be found here.

The Borderlands Claptrap poster can be found here.

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