Official Shenmue Ryo’s Timex Watch

Ever played Shenmue? You should. Aside from how awesome the game is, it has some intense product placement with the Timex watch that Ryo wears. Timex actually released a real watch identical to the Shenmue one, the only difference being the “Shenmue” text under the Timex logo on the watch front.

However, one Shenmue fan told me that this is just a cheap remake of the original Timex Expedition and not even an exact copy of the Watch Ryo wears. As I said, unlike Ryo’s watch, this has “Shenmue” printed on the watch face and the Timex Expedition has “Expedition” in the same place. So while these are close, they are not real life counterpart.

Timex also released a digital watch bearing the Shenmue logo on the strap.

Auction Here (Thanks Henri/Hack!)

If you can find a Timex Expedition (I think the model is T43371) it should run you around $90.

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