2nd Annual gameSiped Countdown Till Christmas Contest

The time is nearing!

Yup, our 2nd annual Chirstmas Contest will be starting soon. This years contest promises to be bigger, better and definitely more organized. We had a few hitches last year and it was bit of a learning process, but in the end all the readers and sponsors walked away happy.

I’m hoping to greatly increase the amount of giveaways this year, and have already had two new sponsors sign up (announcements posts over the next week)!

If anyone out there represents a company or website that would like to get involved, please feel free to shoot me an email for some details. It’s even a great way to get exposure for a website that doesn’t normally sell products, or to draw attention to a large listing of eBay items in the Christmas buying season.

We’re also planning a bit of a “pre season” this year, so keep your eyes peeled. There will definitely be prizes prior to the start of December – and some of them will be sneaky.


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