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Fun Tidbits

Service Mario MagnetThe Service Mario Magnet was the original magnet Authorized Service Centers were given to promote the program, and was later replaced by the Samus/Diddy Kong promotion. There are some of these floating around that have the phone number cut off of the bottom for one reason or another, so it’s nice that this one is still intact. (Sold: $20.50)

-This seller has a number of small lots of E3 Promo Items for the XBox, Playstation and GameCube as well as some PS2 and PSP Demo Discs.

-It’s hard to find items like this DK Jr. Activity Book from 1983 without them having writing and/or crayon marks all over the inside. (Sold: $5.95)

-An ugly Nintendo Calendar: Judging from their appearances on the cover, if their careers as heroes fall through, Samus could work as a deep sea diver and Link as a garden gnome. (Sold: $16)


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