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Guess What Just Popped up On Ebay? Rare Vectorman Video Game Concept Art from Ellis Goodson

Hey, guys. Link here. It’s been awhile since I’ve run a post. I hope everyone here is doing well. Ebay user daesan reached out to us recently about his rare Sega listings. The star of his listings are, of course, these one of a kind Vectorman sketches from the game’s original animator, Ellis Goodson.

Goodson sold these Vectorman video game concept art sketches to the ebay user in 2013. You’ll see a date of the signature next to the animator’s sig. According to the seller, this artwork actually dates back to the mid 90’s during the first game’s development.

The first sketch has concept designs for Vectorman’s helmet.  The second displays an idea for an attack.  The sketches aren’t quite mint (as usually happens to these sorts of items). They have minor wrinkles.

You can bid on the sketches here. So far, no bidders and the price is still around $40.

Many people felt that Vectorman was Sega’s answer to Nintendo’s Donkey Kong Country. The game used state of the art pre-rendered 3D models. In particular, GamePro felt that this game absolutely pushed the limitations of 16 bit games completely over the edge.

Check out Daesan’s other listings below:

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