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Usually, we have a star of the show in our posts here on GameSniped… but sometimes, there’s just a slow news day in the collecting world. But fear not! We’ve got some tidbits to hold you over.

NEO GEO POCKET COLOR Hanshin Tigers Limited – A Hanshin Tigers-branded Neo Geo Pocket Color that comes in eye-popping tiger stripes

ASCII MISSION STICK Controller For SEGA Dreamcast – Hands-down the strangest controller I’ve ever seen for anything ever – even beats out the RE Chainsaw. Apparently it was made for flight sims, specifically the Aero Dancing/Aerowings games, but I’ve never seen a flight stick quite like this one. Apparently the analog stick also functions as a mouse

Legend of Zelda Twilight Symphony – An impressive fan project which created a 3 1/2 hour orchestral arrangement of the music of Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Apparently, only 1,000 of these compilation packages were produced

Halo 4 Limited Edition ‘Cortana’ Giclee Canvas – One of 50 high-quality glicee prints on canvas. Inspired by Halo 4

Panorama Screen Popeye Game and Watch – Another of the rare “Panorama” Game and Watch units, this one inspired by the Popeye arcade game

Logicool GT Force Pro SEGA RALLY ver Controller Playstation 2 – A cool Sega Rally-themed race wheel for the PS2

Grand Theft Auto V Chop Plush Dog – Recent GTAV merchandise of Franklin’s surrogate pet dog, Chop


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