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Pac-Man Merchandise Galore

I wasn’t even trying to plan out the theme for this post, it just so happens that I have a ton of Pac-Man stuff on my list I need to clear out.

pac-man burger king happy meal box

Vintage Pac-Man 1980’s Burger King Box

pac-man ghost charms

Vintage Pac Man Ghosts Charms

pac-man tv tray

Vintage Pac Man TV Tray – I think Nicola has mentioned these before.

pac man plush set

Pac Man Plush Set – I actually have these. They’re awesome.

pac man vintage mylar baloon

Vintage Pac-Man Mylar Balloon

pac-man chef boyardee bank can

Vintage Pac-Man Chef Boyardee Bank Can

vintage pac-man puzzle

Vintage 1982 Pac-Man Puzzle


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