PAL Super Nintendo Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past Gold Pack

Extremely rare Scandinavian exclusive big box version. Awesome set, but defiantly out of most peoples price range.

Auction Here – Relisted from a 12k sale.


Factory Sealed 14 Game US Virtual Boy Lot
Sonic Generations Presskit or buy the Boxed Gold Sonic Ring separately .
Autographed ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 Staff Shirt
Sega Vinyl Records Dreamcast Collection and Mega Drive Collection – Mega Drive record was only ever made available in Australia and the UK, while the Dreamcast Collection record was exclusive to Australia.
Sweet Atari 5200 Game Collection
Atari 5200 Rent Wars CGE Homebrew
Lab Prototype PITFALL! Activision game for INTELLIVISION SYSTEM
Lab Prototype Stampede Activision game for INTELLIVISION SYSTEM
Lab Prototype WORM WHOMPER (MP-006) Activision game for INTELLIVISION
N64 Test Cartridge
Mario The Juggler MB-108 New Wide Screen Series Nintendo Game & And Watch
DuckTales Nintendo Gameboy Factory Sealed Brand New
Sweet New GB Flashcart – Too pricey though.


Nintendo DS Lite Kirby Squeak Squad Limited Edition


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